Electric Actuator - EQ Series

Electric Acutator EQ Series

EQ series are compact, lightweight and direct mount part turn actuators. EQ series actuators prove to be cost effective solution for the automation of small valves & dampers.


Electric Actuator - EM Series

Electric Acutator EM Series

EM series offers cutting edge actuation technology for the automation of final control elements, used extensively in process industries like power, steel, cement, chemical & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper, food & beverages, water treatment & etc., EM series actuators are rugged, robust and designed to automate a variety of multi turn loads when mounted directly and for part turn loads when coupled with reduction gearbox. EM series actuators are available in operating voltages 3 Ph 440/415/400/380 V AC & 1 Ph 220/110 V AC. It is suitable for both ON-OFF duty and modulating duty applications with control signal options 4~20mA or 0~10V DC. EM series actuators are available in various models with torque output range from 15 Nm to 1200 Nm and speed from 40 rpm – 140 rpm. Operating range of EM series actuators can be extended when used in combination with suitable secondary gearboxes like bevel gearbox, worm gearbox and linear thrust unit. Each of these gearboxes are available in various sizes to match application requirements.


Electric Actuator - EQ Compact Version

Electric Actuator EQ Compact Version

EQ compact series offers mini actuators specially developed for automation of small valves & dampers.  Low  power  motor  packed  within compact enclosure offer best  in  class  power-weight  ratio  and  space  saving design – simple to mount, operate and maintain.


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